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Website Analytics

The gloss of any thrusting business is the knowledge of your potential clientele. ‘Web analytics’ is the foundation to the whole service offering. It is built on analytic engines that convert the complex data into nonprofessional’s language.

‘Web analytics consulting’ services provided by One Stop Internet oklahoma offers an in-depth insight on the site’s accomplishment, engagement of visitors and behaviour of the visitors. The comprehensive reports prepared by our ‘Web analytics consultants’ gives you the knowledge of where the customers are coming, what they are looking for and even the geographical region of visits. The wealthy data thus derived can be used to target the customers, track offer responses and so on.

The above-mentioned benefits can be summarised as follows:
  • It provides the in –depth statistics.
  • It gives you real –time results.
  • It provides a comprehensive report.
  • It lets you decide on the way of viewing the data.
The comprehensive reports of the ‘Web analytics consultant’ include the following:
  • Popular pages
  • Referral links
  • Visitor’s history
  • Global statistics.
  • Computer statistics
  • Search engines.

The traditional interaction tools such as mobiles, videos have paved way for interactions on online channels in one place. Powerful web analytical tools like Google web analytics, Yahoo analytics, Omniture etc, enable this.

Omniture web analytics is now Adobe web analytics powered by Omniture. It provides applications that for a consolidated view of customer’s interactions.It has the following benefits:

  • Knowledge to measure and align metrics.
  • To draw functional conclusions from the customers interactions.
  • Fulfil ad hoc requests on time.
  • Adoption of the search analytic metrics for decision makers.
  • Define online strategy based on the clientele’s interactions.

Google analytics also on the other hand helps analyse as to who is visiting your website and the purpose behind it. While Yahoo analytics providing the same has integrated index tools with its own system to give you the solution.

Suddenly there has been a swarming rise in the use of mobiles to access the information on the internet. This revolution has been assisted by mobile tracking devices/tools. These tools have been made use by all the web analytical tools like Google analytics, Yahoo analytics and Omniture.Targetting the desired audience has made the science of marketing easy. This avid campaign tracker makes the whole process more precise. With an increase in the mobile enabled searches it is great to see what the users are doing while doing the search.

The above critical insights thus gained enable business decisions. ‘Web analytics’ leaves no doubts about the outcome that is the rapid return of investment. With the inexplicable business knowledge, high conversion rates of visitors into potential customers and high drive of quality traffic we sure leave every little to imagination.

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