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Social Bookmark Submission

Social bookmarking submission services are the fastest and the easiest tool to market your websites in significant circles. The site is linked to various social networking sites, blogs and forums in order to generate permanent one way links to your website. This social bookmarking service ensures that a website receives a system of saving links to web pages that you want to share while descriptions can be added to these bookmarks in the form of metadata or tags. Since google and other popular search engines are aware of search engine optimization thus they are going content centric to weed out spams, therefore manual social bookmarking submission has become the easiest and the most efficient way to get indexed by major search engines ensuring thousands of users visiting your site. They also guarantee life long pertinent one way links from authority websites.

At One Stop Internet we concentrate in providing you with high quality manual links processes by our SEO experts, manual links ensure that submissions are carefully made in the right categories while making sure that these links are better than automatic links which do not ensure distinction to each website therefore losing in quality and often been reported at spam. Therefore in order to increase traffic to your website, our efficient and highly professional SEO experts ensure exclusive bookmarking link adhering to the individual guidelines to each website which draws high quality one way links from premier websites ensuring a dramatic increase of the traffic to the websites, thus providing you a direct interface with all website users.

Our SEO experts create a list of all the social bookmarking links relevant to your product and services with high PR. Then they register accounts in these particular websites adhering to the specific guidelines of each of the websites. A detailed report is then sent to the client asking for their approval of the websites and the preferred names, tags, metadata etc to be used in the bookmarking. After receiving the approval, our in house SEO experts then make individual social bookmarking submission to these particular social bookmarking sites after reviewing their stringent guidelines. Once this submission is successfully completed a detailed report is sent to the clients for verification.

Social bookmarking submission services provided by One Stop Internet of Arokia IT Corporation is the easiest and most assuring SEO service which ensures high quality inbound links from high PR websites. This manual bookmarking service also has the advantage of being long lasting as the bookmark continues to remain in these sites until the day the websites stops existing. This service also generates free third party traffic without relevant effort. Since bookmarking services create only one way links therefore no reciprocal links are required. A social bookmarking system has a resource based on how many times an user had bookmarked that particular site on which it creates with identity and ranking, this is by far the most democratic and acknowledgeable method of ranking a particular website than ranking them on the basis of the number of external links pointing to them.

Our SEO experts through their high professional experiences ensure that each manual social bookmarking is done with absolute care and attentiveness with deeplink URLs with exclusive titles and descriptions while optimizing your site to yield best results.

Manual Social Bookmarking Packages for one time submission:
Manual Social bookmarking submission to 150 sites $30
This Package is exclusively designed to manually bookmark your site (homepage/deeplink) on 150 social bookmarking sites. 1 homepage or deeplink URL, with unique title & description is required Time Duration- 3 days Request
Manual Social bookmarking submission to 300 sites $50
This Package is exclusively designed to manually bookmark your site (homepage/deeplink) on 300 social bookmarking sites. 1 homepage and 1 deeplink URLs, with unique titles & descriptions is required. Time Duration- 7 days Request
Manual Social bookmarking submission to 600 sites $85
This Package is exclusively designed to manually bookmark your site (homepage/deeplink) on 600 social bookmarking sites. 1 homepage and 1 deeplink URLs, with unique titles & descriptions is required. Time Duration- 12 days Request

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