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Content management system is one of the core services of Digital Marketing Services Okc of Arokia IT Corporation, the expert One Stop Internet in oklahoma. Our integrated solutions of CMS and SEO help us to turn even the rock bottom opportunity into a boon for your website to achieve higher ranking. CMS is the mortar of a website that has to be optimized with brainy SEO techniques. CMS & SEO must go hand in hand for what we suggest that CMS must be SEO friendly for improved SERP (search engine result page).

At One Stop Internet we move one step ahead to make your CMS website SEO friendly for the better positioning on World Wide Web. CMS is the architecture of a website comprised of:

  • Meta Tag: These are the flags of a webpage comprising keywords and the other description about the content of webpage.
  • Title Tag: It is the prime on-page factor of SEO majorly recognized by search engines and includes three things namely primary keyword, secondary keyword and brand name.
  • Header: Title of the content is referred to header and makes the content relevant with respect to user’s search.
  • URL: The major ranking factor is the URL structure that must be highly optimized with respect to search engines and end users.
  • Image: We use SEO friendly images for the better indexing of your webpage.
  • Content: It is our endeavor to write such content that talk with the user with a perfect keyword density for search engine crawlers.
  • Internal Links: Along with keywords we enrich the content with internal links for easier flow of information.
  • Redirect: In case you want to move a webpage or remove it then our SEO experts use special Redirects 301 (permanent) and 302 (temporary).
  • Navigation: The coherence of the website defines navigation which helps the users as well as search engines to crawl better in each nook & corner of the website.
  • Sitemap: Like we have a map of the house to know the placement of various rooms in the space. Similarly the sitemap of the website is the clear picture of different web pages and their positioning under different titles & subtitles. Our prime concern remains this as it is the treasure for spiders to index the website.
SEO for CMS Portfolio
  • Client : NU Hospital
    Category : Hospital
    Keywords Optimized : 50
  • Client : Himagiri
    Category : Real Estate
    Keywords Optimized : 50
  • Client : Flats at Navi Mumbai
    Category : Real Estate
    Keywords Optimized : 30
  • Client : Resort Deals
    Category : Hotels & Resorts
    Keywords Optimized : 25
  • Client : Right Horizon
    Category : Finance
    Keywords Optimized : 30

When we say SEO content management system that means we are optimizing all the above parameters for you to grab the first position online. Our credibility is a proven example as we have remained no.1 SEO choice for composite CMS platforms like Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Wordpress, etc. Optimizing the CMS based website is SEO CMS. For example Magento SEO means we’ll optimize a website developed in Magento for rocking results. Our partnership with SEO friendly CMS mainly Magento, Wordpress and perfect SEO techniques promise the client to win the race over internet.

The question must be triggering in your mind about our indulgence in CMS that can be reasoned as follows:

  • Security is guaranteed with CMS as it protects the content from duplication and canonicalization.
  • SEO friendly website is the promise of CMS platforms as these are indexed better by search engines.
  • Easy Maintenance even you can update your website if you want.
  • Productive website is assured since higher ranking means increased turnover.

SEO CMS is the most advanced technology that One Stop Internet brings to you to fly high in the soaring competition.

We thank you for your valuable time visiting our website. If you are in search of SEO/SEM/PPC/SMO/SMM service provider then you have reached the right place.

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